I have had the best experience with Eardley Acre, not just once, but twice.  My daughter got her puppy first.  Terri sent us both updates on Josie, when she went into labor.  We immediately got pictures of all of the puppies and we were allowed to visit whenever we wanted,

I am in the middle of my second experience with Eardley Acre.  I contacted Terri in 2020 about a puppy for myself.  I had fallen in love with my daughters pup and had to have one too.  I received word, a few months later, that Josie was expecting a litter in January 2021.I was notified when Josie went into labor, and was given updates quite often.  I went to see the puppies when they were 2 days old and made my choice.  I am so impressed that the momma and the puppies are kept in the family living room, not in a kennel, away from the family.  All of the puppies, as well as the momma have the best of care.  Terri puts her heart and soul into taking care of momma and her pups.  I continually get pictures and "pupdates" on weight gain, medication and any other happenings.  The puppies are very loved and part of the family.  Often times, the pictures are of Derek sleeping, with a pup snuggled up to his neck, or one of the girls cuddling with them. 

I would highly recommend Eardley Acre.  It is great to know, the puppy you choose, will be loved and well taken care of, long before you take them home.  You are able to interact with momma and daddy and visit often.

A huge thank you to Derek and Terri for a great experience and most of all...a beautiful puppy.

                                                                                                                                                                 Sheila H. of Illinois