We are proudly family owned and operated, operating since April 2016.  The entire family, even our grandchildren, takes part in the care and upbringing of our dogs and pups.  Our dogs are kept in home and loved as part of our family.  They lounge with us, garden with us, camp with us and even visit great-grandma with us. All pups are socialized and spoiled daily and are raised with children of all ages and also with other animals.  We watch over our pups closely and make their health and safety are our number one priority, however when it comes to problem solving, we typically try to not interfere.  We prefer our pups learn problem solving skills on their own, as it encourages awareness, confidence and personal growth.  We introduce them to a large variety of sights, sounds and smells, to help desensitize them from natural curiosities that could potentially put them in harms way. Our objective is to produce beautiful, healthy, loving, intelligent pups, who will make the greatest and most enjoyable best friend you have ever had.  

We learn more and more every day!  We are adamant about taking in all of the information possible about the Miniature American Shepherd and Miniature Australian Shepherd breeds.  We take online webinars frequently and sign up for more, every chance we get.  We research, we read, we ask questions and then we research and read some more. Our veterinarian is wonderful and we talk candidly about anything and everything, related to our dogs. We are also very fortunate that our favorite vet tech is extremely well educated in these breeds and she has been with us every step of the way, since day ONE.  Our vet and our vet tech are simply the best! We want to be as informed and educated, as possible, for our dogs and for our buyers.  


All of our pups are AKC registrable and will come with the required paperwork for registration.  All pups will have their first set of vaccinations and bi-weekly dewormings, until date of placement. Pups will have dew claws removed and tails docked, unless other arrangements are made in advance (please see our requirements tab for more information).  We will also provide you with a copy of their medical/health record and information to obtain 30 days of free health insurance, upon registration, if you wish to utilize it. We always send each of our pups off to their new home with a generous puppy care package, to help get your new four legged family member settled in to his/her new environment. 

We welcome any and all questions about the breed, or any specific one of our dogs or pups, before or after picking them up.  We are here to help you in any way possible and are available 24/7.